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Who is the best cell phone plans provider in US ?
This question is hard to answer but if you could define the word ” best ‘ you can have a clear answer to your question, today we’re going to discover who’s providing the best phone plans in the US, is it AT&T or T-Mobile
In order to define the word best phone plans, you have to know what you’re looking for in your plan. Some people are looking for the fastest connection speed, others are looking for entertainment features and low prices or maybe they’ve suffered a lot from bad coverage and want to find a solution, and some people are just looking for the cheapest SIM only deals etc…
Network Coverage

  Since you’re going to have a new phone and you still enjoying the freedom of choosing your carrier, don’t rush things and look for the network that will give you the best coverage not just in your home but anywhere you go around the country, it’s great to have unlimited data and minutes, but without coverage ? you’ll not be able to use them all the time, so it’s gonna be a waste of money and time. so make sure you’re looking for the one who can cover remote places as well as down town.

AT&T : They have the largest 4G Network in the country, and it’s growing every day. AT&T is the only U.S. carrier whose 4G network combines LTE and HSPA+ technologies, That means faster speeds and more reliable connections in more places than any other U.S. carrier. 

T-Mobile : They have fair network coverage in downtown and major cities, since they are using LTE extended technology, they can cover almost 85% of U.S. space with good signal quality, they say that they cover 97% of Verizon population with their LTE footprint, we can argue that but they haven’t even got near this number.

Network Coverage Ratings : AT&T : 9/10 | T-Mobile : 7.5/10

Phone Plan Features
AT&T VS. T-MOBILE PHONE PLANS        Since most of cell phone plans are expensive, you should get the most out of it, looking through features isn’t easy since most of networks are providing the same features with little advantages for each one, but little advantage is better than no advantage, that’s why carriers are competing with each other trying to add some value to their phone plans by giving you the freedom to upgrade or add more lines or even stream audio and video for free etc…

AT&T : Gives you the basic features that you’ll find in every single U.S. Carrier but with fancy outlook to sell them, you can get a plan with unlimited minutes & text and data with no contract too which makes it better somehow than SIM only deals networks but not as good as other cell phone plans providers, since you’re getting the highest connection speed in the U.S you’re going to enjoy your phone plan but with a bit higher cost than other networks.

T-Mobile : They concentrate on value plans more than any other U.S. Carrier, they try to maximize price value through entertaining features, you can enjoy unlimited minutes, text and data, with great feature called ” free streaming ” you can watch your favorite movies and TV-shows for free using Binge on, that’s including HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon video and Google play movies and many more

Phone Plan Features  : T-Mobile : 9.5/10 | AT&T : 8/10

Phone Plans Prices

AT&T VS. T-MOBILE PHONE PLANS   Here comes the most important part of this Head2Head comparison, prices are depending on the quality of features, network coverage, customer support and reliability of use, so if you’re looking for the cheapest offers I’d recommend this to you Cheapest SIM only deals in 2016, but if you’re looking for a new phone with great plan you can expect much higher cost in order to enjoy your cell phone plan to the max.

AT&T : Prices are vary but depending on the cell phone you’ll get plans may start from $20 for 300 MB data up to $375 for 50GB which is too much for most of us, so it you’re not looking for spending 10 hours per day online, you can get the medium plan which can cost you $50 per month with unlimited minutes and texts to US, Canada and Mexico. for unlimited data plan you should have Direct TV or U-verse TV and AT&T will slow down connection speed after using 22GB of data and prices start from $100+Taxes.

T-Mobile : They are way more cheaper than AT&T with more features too, with the freedom to pay forward or  monthly you can get an unlimited plan includes unlimited minutes, text and data just for $95 per month! which is 20% cheaper than at&t unlimited plans, and they will slow down your connection speed after 25GB of usage, but don’t worry you’ll still be able to stream audio and video with your full speed! isn’t that great? and much more you can roll up to 20GB of your usage to the next month and you can use them in the next 12 Months. The only thing that may be worst than AT&T is their lower plan will cost you $50 per month.


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