Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Prepaid or Contract Cell phone plans

Prepaid or Contract Cell phone plans

For sure the majority of us have cell phones these days, But unfortunately people have to deal with the long-term commitment contracts, which is considered as financial burdensome for a lot of people, we're all searching for ways to save money, and spend wisely, these days a lot of us left the contract cell phone plans, and begin to search for the best prepaid cell phone plans which we can use in our cell phones .

Cheap cell phone plans

Sometimes using a cheap or ( affordable ) cell phone plan, will be for sure lower cost than unlimited cell phone plans, whatever the plan type you use, you will find the unlimited features in whether contract or no contract cell phone plans, a lot of prepaid cell phone plans providers gives you unlimited text,talk and data like virgin mobile, Boost, Straight talk .

Well sometimes we don't tend to use an unlimited cell phone plans, that's because we're not that kind of people who talk too much, maybe we just need internet for our work or personal use, so there's a lot of alternatives for the unlimited plans, they are provided by companies like, T-Mobile, NET10, Solavei and TracFone, You can use " Pay as you go " cell phone plans, or you can get monthly prepaid plans, which you can get certain mount of minutes every month .

Plans Features

Whatever the plan you are about to get, or the provider you are going to choose, there are some certain features you will get, such like voice mail, call waiting ( hold ), special ringtones, caller ID for sure, and you will get conference calling for your business too, but before you choose your prepaid cell phone plan, be sure and ask your provider about International calls, because it will cost you to make a lof of international calls, without balancing your outlay wisely .


as we used to see the newest and the best cell phones are always connected to contract cell phone plans, that's the way they are marketing their plans, to tied it up with the most wanted cell phone today, so we can get over this by getting an average cell phone which is not the latest but not the oldest, as long you're just trying to get a good deal, because surely the cheapest cell phone plans will not come with best cell phone devices, so be realistic and get what will fit your outlay, in the other side you can find a lot of smartphones tied up with prepaid cell phone plans, you can check Verizon they are offering a lot up to date smartphones with low cost, the best thing about this is that you'll not be tied to a contract or a long term commitment .

For long time contract cell phone plans were the best in the field, as the competition was low, but now after the great development in the prepaid market, I advice you not to choose the cheapest only, but choose what gives what you need precisely, without paying for anything you don't really need, contract cell phone plans have it's advantages, same as prepaid cell phone plans, you can choose what fits you, but as i always say you're in the driving chair, you choose what you need not what is available .


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