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Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2017

We're going to talk about the Top 3 Best Prepaid cell phone plans 2017, but before we talk about them, we have to talk about the major four carriers, because all these prepaid cell phone plans providers working under those four carriers, We have T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint .

T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM Carriers, While Verizon and Sprint are CMA, What is that means for you ?, that means that T-Mobile & AT&T take Sim cards, While Verizon and Sprint Not .

For the consumer i think Sim cards are very nice option to choose, because GSM is worldwide usability, You can use GSM phone pretty much all over the world, CMA is really more an American thing . They try to get many people enter their contract, but for sure as you're searching for prepaid cell phone plans, I would recommend GSM Carriers for you .

Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2017

There's another good thing about GSM , You can take a T-Mobile or AT&T Cell phone and easily put it into a prepaid network , But with CMA ( Verizon , Sprint ) it's not that easy to do the same , you'll have to do something called Flashing , and that can cost you lot of money or in worse case it will mess up your cell phone , if you don't know what are you doing . 

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 Let's jump to the important part in this post :-

Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2013

#3 Number Three Spot goes to Virgin Mobile 

Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2017Virgin Mobile as a $40 per month , with 300 Minutes , now for most people 300 minutes is enough , because most of the people don't use this mount of minutes , so i found it pretty enough for average cell phone user , and you have unlimited data , unlimited text , now almost every prepaid company will tell you unlimited data , that is true to a degree , most of the prepaid companies have something called " Softcap " or " Throttle " now what is that means ? , it mean once you hit a certain amount of GB , they'll slow down your internet speed to a lower speed , if you're asking why they would do this , that because a lot of people take the advantage of unlimited data , and connect every single device in their home to the cell phone network , which is kind abusive for the network . their throttle limit is about 2.5 GB of internet usage . i think it's fair enough .

#2 Number Two Spot goes to Straight Talk

Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2017Straight talk has a $45 and $60 plan , which gives you unlimited talk , text and data , that is under T-Mobile and AT&Ts Network , Straight talk gives you 100mb per day , which is pretty low if we compared it with virgin mobile throttle rate , but i have to say that throttling is not the end of your data anyway , but to choose straight talk it depends on what kind of phone you have , is a T-Mobile phone or AT&T , when it comes to straight talk , you must check your service area , but to be more straight , if i were you i will go with AT&T , because they have consistent 3G Speeds , and to be honest AT&T 3G is really fast comparing to other networks , that doesn't mean that T-Mobile aren't that good , but for me i like straight talk with AT&T it's kind a perfect combination for me , and if you buy a straight talk cell phone they will work immediately with AT&T , but if you have T-Mobile you will have to bring it to Straight talk plans .

#1 Number ONE Spot goes to Solavei

Top 3 Prepaid Cell Phone Plans 2017Solavei is a small company started about 1 year ago approximately , they're working on T-Mobile's Network , they have a #39 for the first 3 months  , they gives you unlimited text , unlimited talk , unlimited data , their throttle is 4GB per day , which is almost twice what other carriers gives you , first of all solavei works on T-Mobile's 4G Networks , so internet speeds is stunning , call quality is amazing , but you have to check network coverage for your area , because what would work with me may not work with you , don't just take my word as a confirmation , but for me call quality , internet speed are amazing and works really great with just $49 per month , well that's not the only this that put Solavei on number one spot , what this company do for the consumers is what gives it the number one spot , if you're reading this post you may have heard of solavei , you may not have , but if you haven't watch this video , it'll let you know that this is the company you want to switch to .

In simple way , so they pays you for telling people , and it works really really well you can afford $300 dollars per month while you're not doing anything except checking your account .

That's it , choose your best prepaid cell phone plans and enjoy your service .


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