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Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

There is no doubt that mobile phones are part of the modern living of the people today. They are built for all ages and most carriers have created a specialized cell phone plans for seniors to suit their needs. Also, mobile phone manufacturers designed specific cell phones for senior citizens to match their lifestyle and requirements.

GreatCall Jitterbug Plus Plan

GreatCall offers jitterbug plus as their main product for senior citizens looking for best cell phone plans. Their plans for senior citizens start from as low $14.99 a month. Here are some of the noticeable features included from the jitterbug plus plan:

 - Easy to navigate.

- Longest lasting battery in the market.

- Provides health and safety management service.

- Affordable and award winning customer service.

 Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan

Verizon understands the needs of the older people when it comes to communicating with their love ones. They understand that older people requires longer time for conversation, texting or surfing the net. This is why they are offering the LG Exalt and nationwide 65 plus plan for older people looking for cell phone plans for seniors. The plan starts from as low as $29.99. Some of the great features included on a Nationwide 65 Plus Plan are:

- 200 anytime minute monthly.

- 1000 SMS allocation monthly.

- Includes Verizon SureResponse.

- A basic phone with premium experience.

AT&T Wireless Senior Nation 200

AT&T has always been one of the major choices when it comes to communication needs especially for mobile phones. And for that, they are offering cell phone plans for seniors designed to match their lifestyles for as low as $29.99 a month excluding the one-time activation fee of $36. Some of the great features of the AT&T Wireless Senior Nation 200 plan are:

- Unlimited mobile to mobile minutes.

- Allowance of 200 minutes per month.

- Send up to 100 messages from the US to the other 200 international countries.

Consumer Cellular Anywhere 500 Plan

Although Consumer Cellular is not as big as the other competing carriers, the plans they are offering are cheaper and perfect for seniors. Most of the ideal plan recommended for seniors is the Anywhere 500 Plan for only $20 monthly that includes 500 minutes a month. Additionally, the user can add $5 in order to add a 500 text messaging to the plan. Some of the great features of Anywhere 500 Plan from Consumer Cellular are:

- Low voice call plan rate.

- Low text messaging plan rate.

- 30 days money-back guarantee.

PureTalk Flex Plan

PureTalk prides itself for being one of the best providers of mobile phone plans for seniors through their Flex Plan. There 5 different Flex plans starting from $10 up to $50 monthly. Here are some of the features of their Flex Plan 10:

- 130 minutes monthly @ $10 a month.

- No contract or added fees.

- All minutes rollover and no expiration.

Best cell phone plans for seniors: summary
PlanBest for
AT&T GoPhone DailyPeople who want a pay-as-you-go plan
GreatCall WeTalk 200People who want an easy-to-use emergency phone
Republic Wireless SmallPeople who are mobile-savvy
T-Mobile Basic MonthlyPeople who are mobile-savvy

Those are some of the top providers of cell phone plans for seniors in the US. It all depends to the user on what type of plan and carrier will be suited for his or her lifestyle since all rates are competitive. There are also higher plans that can accommodate those people that requires longer call minutes per month and additional text messaging.

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