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Cell Phone Policy 2017 School Year

In this article I will talk cell phone Policy in 2017 and out than usual which is best-prepaid cell phone plans talk about school side, children and treats them with Smartphones coming all this will finish here.

what is your cell phone policy ?

cell phone are to be kept away and off during the day .
They may be used for music at your teacher's discretion .

You are allowed to use your iPads and phones at school at your teacher's discretion

Some examples would be listening to music during work time, using the stopwatch ,etc

But remember , there are rules that come with this ....

Cell Phone Policy 2017 School Year


- Do not share while listening to music
- Do not wear earbuds in hallways
- Do not wear out at dismissal

⓵-Keep all music school inappropriate 
Not sure what that means ..? 
See Mr.Jorgenson

⓶-Keep your music quiet 
If the person next to you can hear it
it is too loud
🙅 🙅 🙅 🙅 🙅 🙅 🙅 🙅

Cell phone plans are not allowed to .....

 ➀ Picture as                       ➄  Phones call                  
➁Texting                     ➅  Facebook               
                  ➂Internet                        ➆ Instagram                       
               ➃Video                            ➇ Snapchat                

Where can we used them ?

- Bus :
- Resource ( only if teacher allows them )
- Class rooms (  only if teacher allows them )


- Are they allowed in the hallways ?
- Are they allowed in the bathrooms?
- Are they allowed in lockers rooms ? 
- Can text my mom to bring me?
- Homework in?
- Can take picture
- Can text my friend
- Are they allowed at recess?

⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔⛔  NO 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

Didn't follow this relus  ??
What will happen?

Your phone will be taken ways 
It will be brought to the office and your parent
must pick it up 
Starting October 16, a detention will be issued each time you are caught misusing your phone 


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