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Compare Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

 If you want to know the rate plan of a pay as you go cell phone but you don't know what the is the perfect choice? so I am going to compare the best prepaid cell phone plans in this article , which will help you to select the best choice . I will Tell you the  information about the available brands of the cell phones , and the world wide calls cost, the range of available airtime cards, and messaging costs. so let's begin 


This provider give you Infinite pay as you go plans which established on a constant fees of daily access . You will pay for only the days you consume your cell phone . For $1 per day you will also obtain infinite local calls ( nation wide ) . With 2$ per day you will have infinite local and US long distance calls in addition with local and international Texting and picture messaging. With $3 per day you will obtain everything infinite which means you will get Infinite mobile web. The phone types includes UTStarcom phones and Samsung . You will also get  on start up $5 calls credit for free .


This provider offers prepaid phone that include 10 min starter airtime. This provider's prepaid phones contains Nokia, Motorola and Samsung models. the cost of calls  vary  from $0.10 to $0.33 per minute as it depends on the refill denomination you buy. The more credit you pay in one plan , the lower the price is for each minute. These prepaid plans contains local and national wide calls and nation wide roaming . Sending an (SMS) costs $0.10, and receiving it costs $0.05.

Net 10
This provider's prepaid mobile phone contains about 20 phones from LG, Motorola, Kyocera and Nokia. Calls cost per minute is always $0.10 for local and long distance calls and national roaming. Sending and receiving SMS only costs $0.05 for each message . at the end of the month if you have any remaining minutes it will be add to the next month.


This Provider's prepaid cell phone contains about 20 phones form Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. There is also a full QWERTY keypad cell phone in their plan . They also offers 3 Pay As You Go plans. On the Simple Rate Plan the calls costs $0.25 per minute and there are no any fees on the daily access . On the Mobile to Mobile plan calls cost $0.10 per minute and there is a $1 per day fee on daily access . Finally, there is the Infinite Plan for which you pay the daily access fee of $3/day only on the days you only use your phone. Sending or receiving an SMS costs $0.20 for each .

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